• General Store

    Retail Meat Cuts, Homemade Jellies, Canned Goods, Home Decor, Kitchen Items, Hand Poured Candles, Gift Items and more!

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    We offer private labels for Farm to Table. Call us today to set up your custom label. We appreciate our customers and offer this service free of charge.

  • Custom Processing

    Harvest Fee: $100.00 less than 1,000 lbs. $125.00 over 1,000 lbs

    Processed, weighed, labeled and vacuum packed: $1.25/lb

    Hanging Fee: $10/day after 7 days

    Hand cut stew meat: $1.00/lb

    Hamburger Patties: $1.00/lb

    Cutlets: $1.00/lb

    Split fee: $0.25/lb Rail Weight

    Private Label Setup Fee: Free

  • State and Custom Inspected Processing Facility

    Elstner Meat Processing Plant LLC is doing business as Weimar Meat Company in Weimar TX. We are a state and custom inspected processing facility. Elstner Meat Processing offers custom processing for beef, pork, goats and sheep without the long waiting list. Your product will be vacuumed sealed and labeled. Let Elstner Processing provide you with wholesale and retail meat products. Call today at 979-725-6203.  


  • Kevin and Sadie Elstner

    Kevin and Sadie Elstner have owned and operated Elstner Cattle Company in Weimar, TX since 1998. Their cattle are naturally raised, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass fed, natural grain finished and never leave the ranch until it's time to slaughter. In 2022 they purchased Kasper's Slaughter and Packing House now known as Elstner Meat Processing, dba Weimar Meat Company also in Weimar, TX. They raise, feed, slaughter and process all in Weimar, TX. Their 100% natural beef products are the prime example of the true meaning "Farm to Table".

  • Contact Information

    Address: 2109 W HWY 90 Weimar, TX 78962

    Phone: 979-725-6203

    Fax: 979-725-0013

    Email: sadie@weimarmeatco.com